A Global Community for Women, for the Benefit of All

boom! was founded in April 2019 with a vision to empower women in supply chain around the world for the benefit of all. 

Over the course of my career as a supply chain analyst, advisor and coach, I've been extremely privileged to witness the contributions and impact of women working in supply chain organisations around the world. I've also learned much about the unique set of challenges that women often face as they navigate their careers - in many cases to the detriment of the wider business and beyond. This community is designed to empower women who seek to perform to their full potential throughout their careers by providing access to inspiration, learning and support. It is also an opportunity for leaders of supply chain organisations to better understand and nurture female talent in a way that creates a richness of opportunity for all.

I am incredibly honoured to launch this global community with support and guidance from an influential group of global supply chain and business operations leaders from companies including Burberry, GE Appliances, The Hershey Company, Merck, Microsoft, Mondelēz International, New Balance, Schneider Electric and Unilever.

I now invite YOU to join us as members or supporters of the community.


Founder & CEO

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